MOMS Club of Beaverton - South, OR

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just joined. How do I find out what's going on in the Club?
Welcome! Once you have joined the club, you will receive access to our group's online calendar and member profiles. This is where we post all of our events, announcements and updates, our group forum, and more! We also send out a monthly newsletter highlighting events, our members, and other fun things for our members to enjoy.  The club is member-driven, so all events on the calendar are added by moms, for moms!

How can I get more involved?
We rely on our members for everything, so your participation is appreciated. Call any executive board member and ask to help plan a field trip, event or start a new activity group. Come to the monthly Meet & Mingle and share your ideas. This is YOUR club and you will get out of it what you put into it!

What happens at the Meet & Mingles?
We will discuss upcoming events, parties, community service projects, club funds and sometimes have a guest speaker. Childcare is provided or if you feel more comfortable, your child may sit with you. It is important to try to attend the Meet & Mingle each month to stay involved in what is going on in the club. At times we vote on important issues and your opinion counts! 

How much will my membership cost?
You do not need to spend any money besides your annual dues of $25, unless you choose to. Most events are free. Some field trips and Mom’s Night Out may require additional funds, but we try to keep them reasonable. In addition, you may choose to bring snacks or a potluck dish to some events, or donate supplies to a party and the cost of those items are up to you.  In special financial cases, the dues can be waived.

What do my dues pay for?
We pay the International MOMS Club® $5 per member each year to maintain our charter. In addition, your dues pay for expenses such as publicity and marketing costs, supplies, stamps, etc.

I have an interest that the MOMS Club doesn’t address. Whom do I talk to?
If you have any suggestions, please contact a board member. We would love to help you start a new activity group! Chances are good that if you are interested in something, another member is, too.

Can I bring a friend to a MOMS Night Out?
Our MOMS Nights are for members only. You could however, invite your friend to one public play date or one member meeting.

When do I need to renew and whom do I pay?
Memberships are good for one year. Your renewal is due before the end of your anniversary month. Upcoming renewals are listed in the current month's newsletter and your membership date is also reflected in the roster. You will also receive a reminder from the Membership Vice President the month prior to your renewal. Each year you will need to complete an updated liability form along with your check payable to the MOMS Club of Beaverton-South

What happens if I’m late in paying my dues?
Those who do not renew their yearly dues will no longer have access our online member site, the newsletter, roster, or invitations to future events. 

Are my dues refundable?
Dues are non-refundable and may also not be used to transfer to another chapter (unless the chapter is sistering).

What if I leave the MOMS Club and want to rejoin again later?
You are welcome to submit another application to our club. However, a vote must be taken to determine your membership status.

My friend lives in another town, can she join my chapter?
Each MOMS Club chapter has specific boundaries. You must physically reside within the boundary to attend that chapter. Please see our How to Join page for further information.

How can I refer a friend to a MOMS Club chapter in her area?
Refer friends to the International MOMS Club website at and click on the link “Finding a Chapter Near You.”